My Heart Run 2012
MHR 2012 events
I Heart Indy:February 3
Boston Marathon:April 16
London Marathon:April 22
THE MINI Marathon:May 5
Berlin Marathon:September 30
Chicago Marathon:October 7 
Marine Corps Marathon:October 28
New York City Marathon:November 4
St. Jude Marathon:December 1
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Boston -
American Liver Foundation
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London -
The Michael J. Fox Foundation 
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Jonnie's Goodguys

Berlin -
Rise & Rise Again Foundation 

Chicago - 
American Heart Association

Marine Corps - 
The Marfan Foundation
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New York - 
The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health
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St. Jude Memphis - 
St. Jude Heroes

Ralston’s DraftHouse

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have heart

I am asking for your help and support for my efforts to get some attention for Heart Health. I decided to take advantage of the stage Indianapolis will be on, with the eyes of the world in town for the Super Bowl.

With February being Heart Month, Marfan Month, & National Wear Red Day on Feb. 3, I concocted the idea for "I Heart Indy".

I Heart Indy is me running an ultra-marathon distance of 44 miles in the shape of a Heart throughout Indianapolis. The route I have mapped out will start and end at Monument Circle and take place on Friday, Feb. 3, National Wear Red Day.

Due to the scale of training involved for me to run this distance, I have decided to use I Heart Indy as a starting point for my goal to run all 5 World Major Marathons in 2012. I hope to carry the momentum created to talk about Heart Health and organizations/causes with "Heart" all year long.

My Heart Run 2012 is my effort to go big!

Jonnie’s Goodguys formed in 2006 to run The Mini in honor of Jonathan Miller, who died from Aortic Dissection, potentially related to Marfan Syndrome, at age 33. We continue to grow our numbers, promote healthy activities & causes, and “do good stuff”.

My Heart Run 2012 is inspired by Jon!

My grandmother, Rebecca Osborne, was one of the strongest women I know. Her character and generosity defined her life. Despite being diagnosed with cancer in her 70’s, she fought and beat it. Her tenacity and independence were inspiring. Unfortunately, Congestive Heart Failure was a fight she was not able to win. My Heart Run 2012 is inspired by Becky!

Star of Indiana Drum & Bugle Corps shaped and defined the lives of many young people, including myself. Star was born from the generosity of William & Gayle Cook. Their philanthropy is incredible and Cook Medical is a leader in the health community.

He recently left us due to Congestive Heart Failure.

My Heart Run 2012 is inspired by Bill!

Thank you for your past & future support!


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-Run for Research
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-Jonnie’s Goodguys
-Rise to Berlin
-Run with Heart
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-Team Ritter
-St. Jude Heroes
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